We are preparing for Beijing


We are preparing for Beijing

Boro Mračević, former Waterpolo player, member of the National team, Director of the WPC Jadran from Herceg Novi, will be the Head of the Montenegrin Olympic Mission in Beijing. For that position, he was elected by the Executive Board of the MOC, which was officialy verified by the Assembly on its session in January. As a member of Yugoslav National team, he participated on the Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976, and on the Olympic Games in Seul in 1988. he was the member of the Delegation in charge of the Yugoslav Water polo National team.

What does it mean to be the Head of the Olympic Mission?

– Task of my team is to organise both the trip and the stay of our delegation during the Olympic Games in Beijing. Of course, we hope that we will have a lot of participants, even though Montenegro is a small country, and the Montenegrin Olympic Committee is about to be officially accepted into membership in the IOC. Our athletes are just starting the qualifications, but I am convinced that in Beijing we will have representatives who are worth of that competition. So, our task is to provide the stay in Beijing for our athletes, coaches and all the staff on the highest possible level, and especially to pay attention to the accomodation, which has to be comfort, close to the sports facilities, and aboutthe food, which has to be similar to ours.

That means that it is necessary to "observe the territory" much earlier?

You’re right. Together with few more people, I am getting ready for my first tour around Beijing and the sports facilities that could be of an interest for us. The custom is that the athletes are visited by the VIP State Delegation during the Games, so that we also have to take that into consideration. We also have to see how the climate and different time zone can reflect on the pscyco-phisical condition of our athletes. We are going to see the prices in Beijing and lots of other details. All of that has to be financially precised.

You are preparing as if the MOC is already accepted in the IOC?

– Absloutely. Though, we have to inform the Organisational Board of the Olympic Games in Beijing about our arrival.

How many athletes and whom are you expecting to see on the Olympic Games?

– It all depends on the collective sports. Collective sports give the quantity to the participation. I hope to see the Water polo and Handball players. From the individual representatives, I hope to see Judists, Boxers and our two Swimmers, who already fulfilled the Olypic norm. With all these people I mentioned, you already have the delegation consisting of 35 – 40 people.

Do you know who will carry the Montenegrin flag during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing?

– We don’t know yet. According to the rules, it should be an athlete – participant of the Olympic Games who won most of the medals until that moment.

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