The MOC has chosen the best

Montenegrin Water-polo National team, WHC "Budućnost T-mobile", Water-polo player Aleksandar Radović nad athlete Jovana Kljajević elected for the best in 2007. in tradicional MOC election

The MOC has chosen the best

The best men sport team in 2007. in Montenegro, according to traditional election of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, is Montenegrin water-polo national team, who managed to qualify for the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008., champions of University sport games held on last August in Bangkok and champions of B European Championship.

For most successful women team was elected Women Handball Club "Budućnost T-mobile" from Podgorica, Montenegrin champions and winners of the Montenegrin Cup.

The best young athlete for 2007. is Aleksandar Radović, water-polo player of Swimming and WATER-POLO Club "Jadran" from Herceg-Novi, member of Montenegrin water-polo national team. Best young athlete is athlete Jovana Kljajević, member of the Athletic Club "Jedinstvo" from Bijelo Polje, Montenegrin record holder on 200 and 400 m in junior and senior categoris.

Water-polo national team will get special recognition "Sport accomplishment in 2007.".
This was the choice of three member commission composed by Branko Jovanović, Dimitrije Rašović and Predrag Marsenić, verified by the Executive Board of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee on its session held on 21. December 2007.

Having in mind practice of other national Olympic Committees, position of the Executive Board was to give rewards only to sports and clubs represented in the Olympic Games programme.

Rewards and recognitions will be delivered to winners on 27th December in Hotel "Splendid" in Bečići.
Following the initiative of the President of the MOC and the President of the Montenegrin Foodball Association, Dejan Savićević, it was decided to find modality in order to give support and recognition to young footballer Stevan Jovetić, member of Montenegrin national team and member of Belgrade FC "Partizan", for affirmation of Montenegrin sport.

The Executive Board has adopted the report from Predrag Marsenić, Chief of Montenegrin Mission at the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF), held on last July in Belgrade. It was stated that participation of young Montenegrin representatives on this sport event was organised in record time and with great success, because this was the first international competition with Olympic sign in which Montenegro participated.

"From now to Beijing, our every session will have this item on the agenda", said the President of the MOC Dušan Simonović, announcing the report of the Chief of Montenegrin Olympic Mission, Miodraga Ivanovića.

"In less than a year we have to prepare what other national Olympic Committees are preparing for four years. Accoriding to our estimations, we will have around 30 persons in the Olympic Village in Beijing. Besides all difficulties, preparations for the departure and stay are going according to plan", said Ivanović.

Secretary General of the MOC, Đorđije Kustudić, informed members of the Executive Committee that out of 4.000 requested tickets for the Olympic competitions in Beijing, the MOC managed to get 1.860, out of which majority is for Water-polo tournament. Several tickets were for boxing, athletics and handball. "For Opening and Closing Ceremonies, we haven't got any tickets yet. We will still insist, but knowing the situation it will be very difficult. Croatian Olympic Committe got four tickets, and yet they have around 100 participants so far", said Kustudić. He informed the present that Boris Sekulić was elected for Olympic Attache in Beijing.

President Simonović reminded with pleasure that in Beijing Montenegro will be represented by water-polo national team and swimmer Marina Kuč, with hope that somebody else will manage to qualify for the Games.

"Out of 205 national Olympic Committees, 101 country in China will be represented by less than 5 athletes. Having this in mind, we have to be more than satisfied", said Simonović.

The Executive Board adopted the project of the MOC "Beijing 2008", detailed activity and action plano of the MOC until the beginning of the OG in next August.

Special item in the project are "sponsorships". Yesterday was adopted activity report on activities related to finding sponsors.

General sponsor of the MOC's project "Beijing 2008" will be "First Bank of Montenegro", with whom will be signed contract on sponsorship worth 100.000 Euros, on 26th December. With Montenegrin Telecom Contrac on golden sponsorship was already signed and it is worth 80.000 Euros. The MOC will set up sponsor pool, composed of small number of renowned Montenegrin companies. Sponsorship value of the pool will be 30.000 Euros, and some of the companies have already shown their interest. Ministry of Tourism and Tourist Organisation of Montenegro will actively participate in creation of our State's image in Beijing.

For our athlete's image will be in charge famous designer Marina Banović-Nikolić, and following her designs "Varteks" from Varaždin will make three types of uniforms, each for different occasion. As Ranko Jovović, Chief of Marketing within the MOC told, representative of this company will bring finished samples by the beginning of January.

On yesterday's session were adopted several reports on international activities of the MOC – visit to the IOC, participation of representatives on meetings of the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA), visit of the Albanian Olympic Committee.

Kustudić reminded that the IOC has approved scholarships of 900 US dollar per month for 9 Montenegrin athletes from individual sports, and 100.000 US dollars for preparation of Montenegrin water-polo national team for Beijing.

Reports from the General Assembly of European Olympic Committees and the General Assembly of the Mediterranean Olympic Committees were adopted. President Simonović expressed particular satisfaction for reception Montenegrin delegation has had during these occasions. For Montenegrin representative in bodies of the Association of Mediterranean Olympic Committees was elected Zorica Kovačević.

The Executive Committee concluded that cooperation with sport paper "Arena" is very useful for the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, and it is desireable that such cooperation should continue after announced ownership transformation of "Pobjede" in which frameworks this paper was published.

Olympic hopes and football fields

Deputy Minister in charge of sport within the Ministry of Sport, Culture and Media, Dragan Drobnjak was present at yesterdays session. He congratulated the MOC for achieved results since its acception into full-time membership into the IOC.

"According to law, we are obliged to choose 50 most perspective Montenegrin athletes, whom we called «Olympic hopes» up to 20th Januarz. For their scholarships was appointed 60.000 Euros. This means that every one of them will receive 100 Euros per month during one year ", said Drobnjak.

For election of those athletes will be formed special commission, and one of the members will be from the MOC.

Special attention was dedicated to condition of football fields in Montenegro. The president of the Football Association of Montenegro Dejan Savićević, said that this Association will invest 4 million Euros donated from FIFA nad UEFA in fixing and constructing of new football fields. "Politics of the Association is to help clubsfrom the northern munucipalities in best possible ways, especially those who send detailed documents. Second, I still think that it is important to construct side fields. If every club would have at least two such side-fields, main ones wouldn't have been in this condition", said Savićević. He also added that special attention will be dedicated to stadium security in the future.


"I believe that Montenegro and the Montenegrin Olympic Committee will manage to find solution to keep Petar Porobić, selector of the water-polo national team and world famous expert", said Dušan Simonović, adding that he and Secretary General Đorđije Kustudić, are intenslively thinking about modes. "The Montenegrin Olympic Committee is ready and deliberate to help in any possible way in order to keep such expert in Montenegro", said Simonović.

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