Srđan Mrvaljević won silver medal at the world championship in Paris


For happiness, pride and history

Yesterday in Paris, Montenegrin judoka Srđan Mrvaljević became vice-champion of the world! Member of judo club “Akademik” from Niksic realized his dreams and achieved historical result for Montenegrin sport in the “City of Lights” where were gathered 871 competitors from more than 130 countries.

On his journey he got stopped by Jae-Bum Kim from South Korea, who defended the world champion title and who currently is first placed fighter at the planet in category up to 81 kg. So far, Kim had only 13 loses, five time he was champion of Asia , three times Junior World Champion, he won numerous medals on world cups, and our fighter worked with him all five minutes trying to annul the advantage (wazari and yuko) that Korean guy achieved at the end of the match.

– My dream came true. I dreamed of the World Championship finals and I am very happy. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting any medal, it was too crazy to think about it in such competition, but I believed in myself and I wanted to come out as a winner from every single match. This has been the toughest World Championship so far, and the question is if it’s ever going to be organized in such level with such competitors. I have no regrets, because after the finals match when I left the floor I was sure that I gave my best. As for the Olympic Games, that story is over now, I will go for sure and I can’t explain how happy I am because of that – said Srđan Mrvaljević last night at the phone conversation for ARENA.
He also added that among 15.000 viewers yesterday in Paris, were also his supporters and that it really meant a lot support from the Judo Association, and many other dear people from Montenegro and Belgrade.

Master of ippons

It could be said that silver medal of Srđan Mrvaljević won in Paris is worth of gold, having kin mind that 28th world championship was toughest judo event so far, because all countries had two representatives per category and in his category competed 83 best fighters.
So far, Mrvaljević was at 25.position and competition in Paris launched him up and guaranteed him place for the Olympic Games in London.

Montenegrin judoka had six fights, five of them he won and three of those five by ippon. I n the first round he was free, in the second he fought against Euan Burton from the Great Britain and that match lasted all five minutes. In the third round, for only one minute and a half, Mrvaljević defeated Korean Min-Gu Kim, while in the next round he needed more than three minutes to defeat Farhod Rahimov from Tajikistan by ippon. For ippon in fourth fight Srđan needed almost four minutes since he fought Artem Vasilenko from Ukraine, and then it became obvious that Montenegrin judoka came to France for medal.
In the semi final match, Mrvaljevića had difficulties defeating Brazilian judoka Leandro Guilheiro vice champion of the previous WC in Tokyo, two times champion of South America, and winner of 13 medal at the most prestigious world cups. But, wazari Srđan threw in the second minute of the match was unreachable advantage for fantastic Brazilian judoka, from whom he lost last year at the Grand Slam in Paris.

Since he managed to revenge in the same city, it was clear that at least silver medal will come to Montenegro – world medal in judo, first one after the gold medal won by Dragomir Bečanović in Belgrade in 1989.

Almost impossible

Selector of Montenegrin national team, Rajko Mrvaljević could not hide his enthusiasm. – To win silver medal in such competition sound almost impossible. Two Koreans came, two Japanese, French, and Russians…all best fighters. I believed in Srdjan, he entered good rhythm; he had his day and achieved a lot for Montenegro, for his people, for Montenegrin judo but first of all for himself. This is greatest result in Montenegro since its independence; this is the medal our country has been waiting for in decades. Accomplishment. We are all gathered here including Marko Radulović and Nikola Vulević who will compete on Saturday, we are celebrating and we still can’t believe that this has happened – said selector Mrvaljevic for our paper.

Other two Montenegrin competitors Nikola Vulević (- 100 kg) and Marko Radulović (+100 kg) will compete on Saturday. Maybe this silver medal will give the additional self confidence. In any case, small Montenegro became famous at the 28. World Championship.

Simonović: Impressive!

Srđan Mrvaljević did a great thing for Montenegrin sport and the President of MOC, Dušan Simonović was delighted.
– Excellent result! I talked to them between the fights and congratulated on such a great success. The way Srdjan managed to reach the finals was impressive and it is a good sign for London. He is very happy, just like all of us who hope that he will manage to repeat this at the Olympic Games. He showed world his class and we got real participant for London. This is really fantastic result, I enjoyed watching him and once again I would like to congratulate him and everybody else who contributed to this result.

Source: Arena

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