Srđan Mrvaljević returned from the World Championship where he won silver medal


This medal is for the people

To win a medal at any great sport event is true satisfaction for every country, but for Montenegro is is real award. Three days ago in Paris, our judoka Srđan Mrvaljević won silver medal at the World Championship in judo (category up to 82 kg), and in that occasion on Golubovci Airport yesterday was organized welcome for one of the best Montenegrin athletes in its history.

At the tatami in the “City of lights” it was so “narrow” for judokas from the Great Britain, South Korea, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Brazil, but in the finals one of the best judoka of the present, Korean Kim was better than Mrvaljević so he managed to win silver medal that enabled him to participate at the Olympic Games in London.

– I have to thank all of those who are responsible of this success: my family, my closest, selector and all Association because they believed in me the most. At the first place, I think about the selector Rajko Mrvaljević who gave me optimism, fed me with positive energy and believed in me even more than myself – said great judoka at the beginning of his address. – I must mention people who believed and supported this project, state institutions – Ministry of Sport and the Olympic Committee and its president Dušan Simonović.

This is the medal of all Montenegrins, because of them I returned to judo, they supported me when it was most difficult for me so their contribution is priceless.

Achieved almost impossible

At one great sport even such as WC in Paris participated 136 countries and only 12 of them won medals – one of those is Montenegro. About that success spoke the selector of our judo national team, Rajko Mrvaljević.

– He almost achieved unrealistic success, defeated great fighters and in competition among 87 fighters he managed to be the second. I have to say that for those who don’t know him and are not aware how much he can achieve in this sport it is strange, but for us it is normal.
After excellent result Srđan achieved, he also mentioned participation of Marko Radulović and Nikola Vulević (in categories up to 100 kg and +100 kg), who were stopped at the very beginning.

– Nikola is our future, he is our great hope for the European Championship up to 23 years, I hope he will bring medals to Montenegro in the future. As for Marko, he is extraordinary fighter who didn’t have luck during the draw and not having good preparations, to be realistic, he couldn’t achieve more – explains selector Mrvaljević.

Stijepović: Impressive

At the welcome were present important sport workers in Montenegro. Minister of Education and Sport, Slavoljub Stijepović addressed the press.
– This is impressive result for our country. This feeling is indescribable because such successes are very rare having in mind that we are one small country. First of all, I would like to congratulate the selector, the club and the Association because for such great achievements it is necessary to work hard and systematically. This is not only success of sport, but the whole State, this is promotion of one nation, because we showed when we are united, when we train and work hard we can succeed – says Stijepović. – We will try to do whatever we can in order to provide right conditions for Srđan in order to return him for such result.

Simonović: Result of hard work

The Olympic Games in London are getting closer and so far Montenegro has one guaranteed place at the biggest sport event. Best interlocutor for the story on success of our judoka is, for sure, president of MOC, Dušan Simonović.

– This is great feeling, and I am especially glad for such a result that needs to be valued in right way. Srđan is winner of two World Cups and with this he crowned it in best possible way, and what is important, he managed to provide himself place for the Olympic Games – says Simonović. – I hope that this will be additional stimulus for all Montenegrin athletes who will try to get to the Olympic Games in London.

We will celebrate many more times

When he thought about leaving judo, Montenegrin supporters knew to recognize those difficult moments, to give him immense support and he returned them. – Tomorrow I continue with trainings, because I am not such a person to only talk about the result and satisfy with this medal only. I will give my best to make my people happy many more times in the future – said Mrvaljević. – My heart is full, I am very happy I made my country proud, and I hope in the future we will give our best in order to use all potentials this country has to offer.

Source: Arena

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