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On December 13th 2018, NGO “Volunteers 2019” has oranized a Sport Volunteering Panel at the Sports & Culture Center of the University of Montenegro. This organization is engaged in the promotion of sports volunteering and together with the Montenegrin Olympic Committee it is working to gather a large number of volunteers for the needs of the Games of the Small States of Europe 2019, which will be hosted by our country.

The Panel was attended by more than 200 young people involved in the work of this organization, who are expected to support the event as volunteers. The topic of the Panel was sport volunteering from different points of view; the attendees had the opportunity to hear how volunteering at sports events is perceived by the organizers of the Games and by the athletes themselves, but also from the point of view of volunteers who were involved in the large sports competitions.

Within the first panel discussion, the President of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, Dusan Simonovic, as well as the Director and Deputy Director of the Games of the Small States of Europe "Montenegro 2019”, Igor Vusurovic and Boris Sekulic, addressed the participants. They emphasized the importance of volunteers at the Games, stated that they these people are considered one of the key elements in the organization of the event and that the concept of sports volunteerism has yet to catch on in our country, which is why NGO “Volunteers 2019” enjoys their full support.

At the second panel discussion, our prominent athletes Nikola Ivanovic, Sladjana Perunovic and Milivoj Dukic talked about what volunteers mean to them as competitors, and described an ideal volunteer as an individual who is patient, resourceful and positive. They shared several anecdotes about volunteers that they spoke to, and in some cases, made friends with. When asked whether they would be volunteering if they were not successful athletes, they replied that they would have made “excellent” volunteers.

Volunteers Katarina Scepanovic, Zorica Barjaktarovic and Milos Popovic, who volunteered for major events such as the Mediterranean Games in Taragona (Spain), European University Games in Zagreb and Rijeka (Croatia) and Olympic Games in Rio (Brazil), shared their personal experience from these events and described sports volunteering as a unique experience that helped them to expand their horizons.

Thanks to volunteer engagement, they have gained a large number of friends and some truly unforgettable experiences.

The Games of the Small States of Europe "Montenegro 2019" start in less than six months. Before the event opens, a team of 400-500 volunteers needs to be formed. A significant number of volunteers from abroad have been registered for participation, and we invite all interested parties to apply via online registration on the website To be a member of our team, you need to be older than 15-years-old and have a possitive mindset to contribute to the event.

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