Spirit of Beijing touched town on Tara river

After Cetinje and Bijelo Polje, “Olympic caravan 2008” visited Mojkovac on 11. May. Spirit of the biggest sport games on the planet felt, shortly, in town situated on Tara river. Olympic flame moving around the planet and visiting the «Top of the World» recently, was missing though, but ut is not so important. In hearts of those present on the town square, especially young ones, elementary school pupils who had their 800 m race, shone real sport flame, for them more important than the symbolysm of the Olympic torch. “Olympic caravan 2008” in Mojkovac, organised by the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, Athletic Federation of Montenegro and

Municipality Mojkovac, was opened by former basketball player, member of Budućnost, member of the Executive Board of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, Igor Popović.

“Dear friends, I have special honor to address the youth of Mojkovac in the name of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee so together we could honor this day. Today flame from Mojkovac is part of the Olympic flame traveling around the globe in order to reach Beijing. So far, Mojkovac has given top athletes to Montenegro. Youth of their town, this moment should be encouragement for new Olympic wishes, that some of you will be in London 2012”, said Popovic. He wished better placement to elementary pupils, participants of the race.

In the name of the host town of the event, all present were greeted with chosen words, as it usually happens, by Maja Ikervari main administrator of the Municipality. She wished pleasant stay to all guests and lots of success to present and future Olympians. Success to Montenegrin representatives at the OG in Beijing and to children, participants of the race in Mojkovac wished Danilo Furtula, junior record holder and member of the shot put national team who will participate at World Junior Championship. People from Mojkovac, especially future and present athletes, had an opportunity to hear words from Slavko Vranješ, participant of the OG in Sydney, in 400 and 800 m races and winner of numerous medals on big competitions.

“I had honor of showing up at the OG in Sydney. Participation at the OG is dream of every athlete.”, said Vranješ. He invited all young people to practice sport, realise their dream and participate at some of the future Olympic Games.

Yesterday event moderated by famous sport journalist Željko Šoć, also had its entertaining part of the program, impersonated by songs and great voices of Elda Kurtagić and Bojan Delić. Around stage where they sang, danced youth of Mojkovac, participants of the race in white t-shirts with symbols of the Olympic Games, biggest story on the Planet.

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Race of elementary school pupils

In the frames of the “Olympic caravan 2008” were held 800 m races of boys and girls from Mojkovac elementary schools. Fastest among girls was Dušanka Jokić, second Kristina Vujisić, and third Maja Grdinić. Them and to three fastest boys, Dobroslav Bošković, Nemanja Vuković and Dražen Rabrenović, medals and diplomas were delivered by Igor Popović.

Certificates were delivered to all those placed from fourth to tenth position. To girls, they were delivered by Danilo Ristić, Montenegrin record holder in shot put and discus, and to boys by Osman Erović, selector of the Athletic Federation of Montenegro. All of those who received medals and certificates will participate in final race of Caravan’s closing event in Podgorica, mid July.

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