Solid foundation for good preparations

Provided financial means for preparation and participation of our athletes at the Olympic games in Beijing. Means provided by the goverment of Montenegro, sponsors and the IOC

Solid foundation for good preparations

Next summer, for the first time in history, Montenegrin flag will flutter on the Olympic masts, and during the parade among 205 participating countries, there will be around 20 athletes from our country.

Water polo players already cleared their way to Beijing, Olympic visas are provided for swimmer Marina Kuč, on battlefield will probably be one or two our athletes, judists, and maybe some other sportsman. In order to have more solid preparations and provide means for departure to the biggest sport event, it took enormous engagement of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee’s management. Yet, eight months before the beginning of the Olympic Games in Beijing, first man of the MOC, Dušan Simonović is optimist.
– Part of means we have already started to spend on preparation of our selections – says Simonović in conversation for MINA agency. – Maoney is payed to associations who have their representatives and prepare their competitors for Beijing, and also to those who need to compete for Olympic norms. With help from friendly Olympic Committees, the International Olympic Committee, and support from the State and significant Montenegrin companies we have created very good basis for solid preparation of our athletes for participation at the Olympic Games. To be more precise, we have received from the IOC 100 thousand for water polo selection, nine scholarships for our Olympic candidates, and some specific means for help in work to the Montenegrin Olympic Committee. We have also received means from the budget, and we also have signed contracts for general and golden sponsorship with First bank of Montenegro and Montenegrin Telecom.

However, that’s not all. Montenegrin Olympic Committee is planning to close partner contract with Tourist organisation of Montenegro and several companies who are brands of our country and who will present themselves in this way in Beijing. Olympic Games are not only gathering of athletes, but businessmen, as well, tourist workers, etc, and this is ideal opportunity to present all beauties of our country in toursist sense.

From is budget, Government has appointed 450 thousand Euros and it is quite enough. In case it wouldn’t be enough, I am quite sure that the State would rush to help once again, as many times so far – continues the first man of the MOC – we have to try for ourselves to collect at least the same ammount.

For this year for sport, the State has appointed more than 4 million Euros, whis is very respectable. But I believe that through other types of support will be distributed at least the same ammount of money. Namely, part will be given by the Municipality, one part will be collected through sponsor contracts, so we are very close to satisfying all needs of sport in Montenegro.

It is expected that in Beijing will participate around 20 Montenegrin athletes. According to Simonović, it is satisfactory number of competitors, reminding that water polo players and swimmer Marina Kuč have already verified visas, and it is expectd that probably one male athlete one female athlete and one wrestler will do the same, while close to the placement is judist Srđan Mrvaljević.
– Number of 20 athletes in Montenegrinexpedition is very good for State which has 650 thousand ihnabitants, explains Dušan Simonović. – There are 205 countries within the IOC, out of which 1010 will have less than ten competitors in Beijing. If Montenegro is on top of the other half, than it is clear how big success it is and what is the position of our country in the International Olympic Committee.

Speaking of the adopted Law on lifetime compensation for top athletes and winners of medals on most important international competitions, Simonović says:
– We have really tried in the MOC, but we couldn’t achieve it by ourselves. There was lots of understanding from the Ministry of Sport, Culture and Media, as well from the State, so we are extremely satisfied with the solutions included in the Law on Sport. We have made several good things which some of the bigger Olympic Committees with longer tradition didn’t manage to do. Beside pension for top athletes, we decided for scholarships for young athletes. At the end of January will start payment of scholarships for 50 most perspective athletes, and we have also provided nine scholarships for Olympic candidates which MOC will start to pay during this month and their ammount is 900 US dollars, while compensation for young athletes will receive 100 US dollars per month.


Rational spending

Public allocation of means obliges associations to seriousness in spending of granted means and I believe that by this allocation we can all be satisfied – said Simonović. – I am sure that in next period there will be more of those means, following the development of our sport. There is lot of potential for its growth and development, so it is quite normal to expect more means.


New buildings

It already turned out that Montenegro has good, quality and perspective athletes, but we lack sport buildings, even though in last ten years lots of them were built.

For sure we’ll make the pool in Herceg-Novi, and ther were some promises that similar will be made in Nikšić, Bijelo Polje and Podgorica – stressed Dušan Simonović. – Besides that, it was announced that Football Association with the means from UEFA, around four million will participate in building of football fields in Montenegro. I am sure that the State will find some possibility to participate in it, as well as local communities. We planned to build facilities for athletes, tennis players and gymnasts. We have to find way to get quality buildings and avoid situation visible on Montenegrin football fields this autumn.

(MINA, 6. januar 2007.).

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