Simonović: Athletes are the best Ambassadors


Simonović: Athletes are best Ambassadors

Results of kick boxer Goran Radonjić and bowlers Frano and Miroslav Petković are one more proof that athletes are best promoters and ambassadors of their country, said President of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee Dušan Simonović.

He hosted Montenegrin athletes, winners of gold medals on prestigeous international competitions, and at the recepton were also present coaches and presidents of national federations and associations.

Radonjić won at the World Championship held in Austrian Vilah, in low kick doscipline, category over 91 kg.

Golden medal at the Mediterranean Games went to Miroslav Petković, while Frano Petković won gold medal at the World Championship in Nice, in category 18 to 23 years.

“For these three medal winners we will propose awards. They deserved it with their results, since being first in the World and coming from country that has only 650 thousand inhabitants is not easy at all. Especially if you have in mind conditions in which they were preparing for those competitions”, said Simonović.

President of MOC, Dušan Simonović with Bowlers

He said that it will be insisted upon to include in the new Law on Sport solution for sport and athletes who promote Montenegro.

“We are the only Olympic Committee in the region that doesn’t receive anything from games of chance. It isn’t resloved the best possible way and there is a space to direct those means through MOC towards best quality athletes, and towards mass sport”, said Simonović.

From the reception at the President of MOC

He also said that MOC is not able to considerably support some association because it’s budget is quite limited.

“Budget doesn’t provide things for existence of MOC and its basic function. We helped here and there were we really could, but we are quite limited with our budget and it is very difficult to find a way to hel 41 federations and associations with only few hundred thousands", said Simonović.

He emphasised that the State does everything in its power to promote and help sport, stating that they return it in the best possible way.

Radonjić thanked for the reception and said that he achieved important result.

“Currently, there is some work on the changes and amendments of the Law on Sport and we from the kick boxing are really hoping that our results will be valued first of all for national pension. I expect us to be placed in the group of meritorious Montenegrin athletes and that our athletes who won medals on World and European Championships could receive monthly salaries in order to live decently after their careers are over", said Radonjić.

President of MOC, Dušan Simonović with Goran Radonjić

Winner of the gold medal at the Mediterranean Games in Pescara Miroslav Petković said that he is very honoured by the reception and attention of the President of MOC.

"I am honoured, but I also deserved it. I achieved important result for both bowling and Montenegro. From the first gold medal at the MG to silver and bronze medals at the World Championship. I expect full support from the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Media and from MOC and I also hope that bowlers will receive national pensions", said Petković.

President of MOC, Dušan Simonović accompanied by Kick-boxers

Winner of the gold medal from the World Championship Frano Petković said that even though he is junior, he achieved important result.

"I won gold medal at the WC, which is not small thing. I can only promise that I will continue in this way and that I will justify all expectations and hard work", said Petković.

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