Simonovic and Kocijancic: Impressive ceremony, Montenegro presented itself in a great way

“Impressions after the opening of the Games of the Small States of Europe are very positive. Montenegro has taken the opportunity and presented itself to the world in the right way”, was a message of the President of Montenegrin Olympic Committee Dusan Simonovic, and the President of European Olympic Committee, Janez Kocijancic, from a press conference held in the press room of the Hotel Aleksandar in Budva.

“Our country is a nice place to visit, a safe place for business, a destination in the heart of Europe that shares ​​the values ​​of the developed world. Now we turn to the sport. We have invested great resources and energy to bring the infrastructure in order, and I’m certain that athletes will have all the necessary conditions for the competition”, said Simonovic.

He noted that the total budget for organizing GSSE was about 2.5 million EUR.

“These are significantly cheaper Games than the last four or five editions, and probably from those before that as well. The country has so far helped us with 605,000 EUR. We received about 270,000 EUR from the EOC. I think that we can provide the rest of the funds from sponsors, donors and help that we get in the meantime. I’m sure that these resources will “come back” because the live advertising is the best Commerciale there is. If a minute of advertising on a big television costs a million euros, I appreciate that this kind a presentation of the state is much more practical. If a single journalists writes a text and publishes one photo about Montenegro, we did a good job”, Simonovic concluded, adding that exactly 2326 people are accredited for the GSSE, which is an impressive figure.

Janez Kocijancic, president of the EOC, confirmed that the sport was an exceptional opportunity for the  promotion of a country.

“In a great way, during the opening ceremony, you presented your old and – at the same time– young nation to the world. You’ve shown where the roots of your pride are and where are the roads towards the future. I have no doubt that this edition of the Games will be successful and on a high level. Weather is not going to work for us, but the attitude and commitment of all people in charge of the organization guarantees that everything will be just right”, concluded Kocijancic.

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