Silver for men, bronze for women in table tennis

The second day of the competition at the Games of the small states of Europe in Iceland has also been successful for our athletes.

Table tennis players Luka Bakic and Irfan Cekic have won a silver medal in team matches. Our representatives have been defeated by Monaco with a result of 3 to 1 in sets. They celebrated against Luxembourg in semi-finals.

On the other hand, Neda Milacic-Bogdanovic and Sonja Jankovic have taken a bronze, as they lost in the semi-finals to Monaco 3:0.

Prior to this, our table tennis players have won against Malta (3:2) and San Marino (3:1).

Voleyball players marked their second victory

 Montenegro  3
 Luxembourg  0

City sports hall – Viewers: 100. Judges: Rajt and Kelser. Results per set: 25:14, 25:16, 25:14.

MONTENEGRO: Bokan, Otašević, Perović, Cvijović, Vojvodić, Cenović, Hadžisalihović, Džković, Peruničić, Milović, Bojović, Sandić.

LUXEMBOURG: Buske, Šenider, Bras, Fris, Mas, Ernster, Kalić, Vagner, Velš, Brejer.


Triumph by Danka and Ljubo, Milutinovic sixth

Danka Kovinic was better than Katrin Samut from Malta in second round of competition, by 2:0 (6:2, 6:2), and today she is expecting a duel with Raluc Serban, a tennis player from Cyprus.

Ljubomir Celebic has won against Tim Kranz by 2:0 (6:4, 6:1). His next opponent is Benjamin Baleret.

Swimmer Ksenija Milutinovic has passed into the finals and finished her 100 meters backstroke race in sixth.


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