Programs have been decided


Programs have been decided

In the presence of the Presidents or the representatives of all sports federations in Montenegro, yesterday in Hotel Podgorica was signed the contract for cofinancing programs of the national sports federations for this year. Ministry of culture, sports and media determined 522.000 euros in that purpose, and the money will be transferred to bank accounts of 39 sports federations who have sent their programs on time to open competition published last month.

According to received programs, the Ministry of culture, sports and media has formed a special commission composing of mr Dragan Drobnjak, dr Branko Jovanović, member of the Executive Committee of the MOC, prof. dr Duško Bjelica from the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić, prof. dr Vojin Nikolić, recognized sport worker from Montenegro and Goran Kasalica, from the Ministry of culture, sports and media.

Taking into consideration all of those who sent their programs, relevant representatives appointed financial means to federations. The Handball Federation received the most-250.000 euros, Water polo federation 180.000, Basketball and Volleyball Federations 115.000 each, University sport Federation 120.000, Football federation 100.000 euros and so on.

Among present representatives there were also representatives of the federations who weren’t satisfied with this distribution, like for example, Savate Federation receiving 2.000 euros, after requesting much more. However, deputiy Minister for culture, sports and media Dragan Drobnjak, explained that only programs have been financed, not federations, and that the wotk of the Commission was transparent, and based on three basic criteria, like large membership, quality of the sports resuls and expected result. Greates part of the means distributed to federations in connected to programs with international character, since the State of Montenegro is represented in the most transparent way on those large international competitions.

Taekwondo federation is the only federation in Montenegro not included in this distribution, because there are some internal issues connected to the functioning of this association, so it was decided not to make any solutions about distribution of financial means to this sports organisation.


There will be more money

– I hope that until the end of this year, we will find the same or similar way do distribute some more money, and create conditions so that our young people involved in sport could have good conditions for preparations and participation in competitions. I think that this will be good impuls for the development of sport, who already has good foundation – said the President of the MOC Dušan Simonović. – Wherever we show up, we face with the symphaty, and a bit of envy from the powerfull and big states, who could have better results from us according to their size, tradition and financial means they have, but they still don't. I would like to thank the Ministry for extraordinary contribution, and I hope that by the end of the year, end in the following years they won't forget us. The President mentioned that Montenegro will participate in the Universiade in Banghok, which will be the great opportunity for promotion and winning some medals.


Sport and culture are the best promoters

I- I think that sport and culture are two most beautiful things one state can promote itself with abroad. We have to nourish and respect that – said Minister Predrag Sekulić. – Results that Montenegro has achieved in previos period, give us the right to expect more. As for the State of Montenegro and the Ministry, first of all, trough the amendments of the Law on sports, we will find the way to support our athletes on their preparations and in the activities of the national teams. There are 1000 clubs in Montenegro, with over 35.000 athletes, and it is the great pleasure that our stat is breathing in the sports spirit.



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