Out off 97 votes sent to Headquarters of the IOC, 53 were for Singapore remaining 44 for Moscow

Singapore got organisation of the first youth olympic games

Out off 97 votes sent to Headquarters of the IOC, 53 were for Singapore remaining 44 for Moscow

LAUSANNE – Singapore will be host of the first Youth Olympic Games to be held in 2010.

This is final outcome of voting of the International Olympic Committee’s members, which was announced yesterday in the Olympic Museum in Lausanne by the President of the IOC, Jacques Rogge.

Out od 97 votes sent to Headquarters of the IOC, 53 were for Singapore remaining 44 for Moscow.

Media informed that this news in Singapore was accepted with excitement. Around 6.000 people celebrated on the streets infront of large TV screens broadcasting live from Lausanne.

“This is crucial moment for the Olympic movement. Singapore presented very exciting project”, said Rogge addressing press after the announcing ceremony and added:

“It is big responsibility to host Youth Olympic Games for the first time, and I fully confide in Singapore team.”

Aleksandar Chernov, manager of Moscow team for candidature didn’t hide his disappointment, but he said that he douesn’t believe that members of the IOC voted in accordance with political reasons.

“It is possible that majority of members of the International Olympic Committee considered too much to give one country two organisations of events in such short period of time”, said Chernov, misleći na ruski Soči, koji je prošle godine dobio organizaciju ZOI 2014. godine.

"This is a great honour for us”, kazao je premijer Singapura, Li Hsien Lung, and added: “We will be in the focus of the new era for development of sport. We worked a lot to realise this dream.”

So far, Singapore has won only one Olympic medal, but twice it was host of South-East Asia Games held every two years, gathering more athletes than Summer Youth Olympic Games.

At the first Youth Olympic Games is expected participation of around 3.200 athletes aged between 14 and 18, competing in 26 sports from programme of the Olympic Games 2012. Rythm of organisation is the same as OG, every four years, alternately two years with Winter Youth Olympic Games.

BOX: City of the future

This island is located south from Malaysia peninsula, is only one degree above equator and covers area of 700 square kilometres. Singapre has 4,6 millions of inhabitants. Ethnicity is 77 % Chinese, 14 % Malays and around 8 % Indians.

In 1819. was occupied by brithish East India Company, and during the time it was developed in one of the most important stronghold of British Empire trade centers. In February 1942. during the World War II, Japanese invaded the island and defeated Brithish Army, which was one of the greatest military defeats in war and symbolic beginning of the end of the British Empire.

After the War it was once again invaded by British, and in 1961. it became part of Malaysian Federation. Since 1965. it is independent state.

Singapore is one of those cities-states resembling MOnaco. This country represents not only one of the most important traffic and economic centers of Asia, but also one of the most important cities in the Worls.

The City is known for its cleanness and low percentage of crimes.

It is often reffered to as “the city of the future”, for implementation of advanced technologies which enabled its citizens standard inexplicable to majority of citizens from developed industrial countreis in the West.
One curiosity – Singapore is famous for its control and restriction of selling chewing gums.

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