Olympics to Rio


Olympics to Rio

They just have to have it all! And on the highest level, if everybody else can, so can Rio.

Host city of the 2016 Olympic Games will be Rio de Janeiro, it was decided yesterday by the members of the International Olympic Committee. It will be first Games to be organised on south-american contonent, and Rio made it after five attempts to win the sympaties.

In the last voting round, Brasil won Madrid, brother city, cince they promised each other a vote, and earlier from the race dropped Chicago and Tokyo. In the first voting round, at the 121st Session of IOC in Copenhagen, first one that got eliminated was Chicago, whose candidature was supported by the presence and the specch of the President of the US Barack Obama! In the second round Tokyo, whose Government strgonly supported candidature, got eliminated and guarantees of investors amounting four billion US dollars were apparently not helpful at all!

Than started »the dead race«. Former president of IOC, spanish Juan Antonio Samaran (who was the president of IOC for 21 years) seems to have given real, last punch to the only candidate left: I am 89 years old, my end is very close! But his words had no effect, so the party for around six thousand people gathered in front of the Royal Palace in Madrid was posponed.
On the other hand, party was held on the famous Copacabana beach. In carnival atmosphere, more than 50 thousand people celebrated, and when the President Jacques Rogge announced that the next host will be Rio, delegation in Copenhagen, including well known football player Pele, could not hide their teras and satisfaction. Soon after, flags were raised…

Who’s to blame for Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid failure. Rio, of course! The word is that until 2014. Rio de Janeiro will have all facilities and sport venues for the Games build. Two years ago, the organised Panamerican Games, and in 2014. They will be hosts of the Football World Championship, so they really have to have it all and on the highest level, too. Well done!

Who else had the priviledge to organise Football World Championship and the OG in such a short time?
Answer is: Mexico, USA and Germany!


Elimination of Chicago, main favourite for the OG before the voting, is one of the biggest surprises in the history of the host city elections. President Obama, who traveled to Copenhagen with his wife strongly supported Chicago, but delegated of IOC still decided to eliminate »windy city« – in the first round. This decision could probably be affected by the evnts from the Salt Lake Games, where was noticed bribe scandal, while in Atlanta there was terrorist bomb attack.

Spanish had strong aces. Solid start and safety, 77 per cent of the facilities already built! Rafael Nadal, current Davis Cup champions, cyclist Albert Kontador, football and basketball European champions…

Spanish president Zapatero, supporter of Barcelona, before the final decision of IOC, said that Spain lives the golden era for sport. Even the famous hospitality didn’t help…

Reason for its faliour, Tokyo could seek in the last years Games held in Asia. But the public oppinion was not in the mood for the 2016. Games. Obviously, Japan didn’t show necessary interest, and hundrads of people gathere in front of Tokyo towers, lit in the colors of the Olympic movement, were disappointed Only 55 percent of population supported the Games!



– For all other cities these were just another lympic Games. For us this was opportunity not comparable to enything else – said the President of Brasil Luiz Inacio da Silva.

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