GSSE "Montenegro 2019" officially closed

Montenegrin sport festival is over – the GSSE 2019 have been completed, and Montenegro and the MOC have shown, above all, a great heart and hospitality, along with knowledge and capacity to organize a high-level sport competition. It was the first time our country hosted such a multi-sport event, where 835 athletes competed in ten disciplines and in five cities. All aspects of the organization functioned in accordance with the highest standards.

GSSE "Montenegro 2019": Final medal standings

At its first GSSE apperance Montenegro won eight medals, while two years later we bought 11 from Luxembourg.Twenty-one medals were won in Iceland, followed by 31 in San Marino.
At this year’s edition of GSSE in Montenegro – our athletes have achieved a record of 35 medals.

Thomas Bach: You can be proud, these Games show the power of sport

The President of the IOC, Mr. Thomas Bach, visited today the Olympic village at GSSE in Montenegro: “All this brings me back to the days when I was an athlete, the Olympic spirit truly lives in the village. Athletes from many countries are in one place, socializing, having fun, respecting each other – they all postulate the Olympics. The power of sport is best seen here and sends the most beautiful message to the world!”

GSSE 2019 Medals (Day 4): Montenegro won 27 medals

After the fourth competition day, on the Games of the Small States of Europe, on the top of the list with the most medals are athletes from Luxembourg.

Montenegro is in fifth place with 27 medals – 10 gold, 5 silver and 12 bronze.

GSSE 2019 Medals (Day 3): Luxembourg at the top with 56, Montenegro sixth with 17 medals

After the third day of competition at the Games of the Small States of Europe, athletes from Luxembourg are still at the top of the list with 23 golden, 20 silver and 13 bronze medals. Montenegro is sixth overall with seven golden, two silver and eight bronze medals.  

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