My dream came true


My dream came true

World champion – bowler Frano Petković could wait yesterday, after his arrival, to sit in the car and to celebrate his gold medal, he won three days ago in Nice, with his family and friends in Tivat.

Junior world champion was very excited, he couldn’t hide his emotion, and first congratulations he got from his father (big hug and champion tear), and later from all those who supported him during the WC in France.

– Who in the World doesn’t want to be world champion. This is great thing form me, I realized my dream – said champion from Tivat, member of the Bowling club Brđanin. We departed as national team, but first of al as big friends, and we proved quality and potential. I hope, actually, I believe that this medal is just one in the row, I expect at least twenty. I would like to thank everybody who came here to greet us, first of all to my friends, and special thanks to our coach Stjepčević.

For selector Dejan Stjepčević, team leader Miško Milošević, competitors Davor Škanat, Ivan Biskupović, Todor Gojković, Vedran Čule and golden Petković, welcoming was organised, and president of the Boling Association, Krsto Bošković, was very satisfied with the results of our juniors in Nice.

– We animated our young competitiors, intensified work, strted to participate in competitions, and for years we are in the top, now we won first medals. I believe that very soon our competitors will make us happy by winning some more – said president Bošković. Montenegro will be next host of the European Championship. Finally, our Association will get green light on 4th October.

– It will be difficult to fulfill necesary conditions, because for the EC we must have 8 lanes. This means that we will have to make certain efforts in this direction. Currently, we are in the phase of discussion with certain group of people who help us with this, but we also expect help from the municipalities and the State.

Selector Stjepčević praised his competitors: – This result is good motivation for the forthcoming Europena Championship. We didn’t expect gold medal, we hoiped for the placement amnog four best selections, but Frano was excellent, team spirit was great and final outcome is this medal. For our competitors, this was great experience, we are satisfied but still, we expect even better results in the future.

Besides familieas, friends and relatives of our competitors, champions, future champions were ggreeted by representatives of Montenegrin Olympic Committee. President of MOC, Dušan Simonović expressed his greetings to the champion with hope that in future competitions he will have a chance to, once again, make his nation very happy.

Our national team members, selector and the president Bošković yesterday in Podgorica

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