Morocco better than Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia up next

Marko Bagaric and Milos Simovic, representatives of Montenegro in beach volleyball at the first Mediterranean Beach Games, have been defeated in a match against Morocco (Abicha and El Graoui) by 2:0 (21:16, 21:17).

Bagaric i Simovic opened the match extremely well, and led 4:1 during the first set, then progressed to 7:5 and even to 15:13. However, the Moroccans managed to end this set in their favour, winning by 21:16.

The second set saw equal game from both teams up to 16:16, when Morocco made a huge improvement to its game and triumphed with a score 21:17.

Our team will be playing tomorrow from 12:30 pm against the selection of Serbia 1 (BastaKolaric), and against Slovenia 1 (PokersnikZemljak) at 8:10 pm.

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