Montenegrin and Japanese Olympic Committee signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

In light of the Olympic Games that will be held in Tokyo next year, the presidents of the National Olympic Committees of Montenegro and Japan, Dusan Simonovic and Yasuhiro Yamashita signed a Memorandum of Cooperation today at the ceremony of the Japanese Olympic Committee.

Considering their mutual desire to further develop cooperation and strengthen friendly relations between the athletes of the two countries, as well as understanding between the peoples of Montenegro and Japan, the Montenegrin Olympic Committee and the Japanese Olympic Committee have agreed to cooperate and exchange knowledge and information in the future, for the purpose of developing sports and Olympism in their territories.

They also agreed to encourage exchanges related to the planned development of athletes and coaches that take place between national sports federations of both countries, to participate in bilateral and multilateral competitions, practices, training, as well as exchanges of officials, staff, experts and scientists for their participation at various seminars, courses and meetings.

During the friendly meeting, the conversation mainly revolved around the preparations for the upcoming Olympic Games, which, despite numerous challenges, are entering the final stages in all segments of the organization, most of all all when it comes to sports facilities and the Olympic Village. The use of advanced architecture and technology promises a unique experience for athletes and anyone visiting the capital of Japan between July 24 and August 9, 2020.

The meeting with colleagues from the Japanese Olympic Committee is one of a series of important meetings with various partners within the “Tokyo 2020” project that the delegation of MOC, led by President Dusan Simonovic, will have during its three-day visit to Japan.

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