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Assembly of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee at its session today also discussed current events in Judo Association of Montenegro. News about Srđan Mrvaljević not competing at the European Championship in Vienna was unpleasant surprise for all of us.

Conclusion was that this caused great damage to Montenegrin judo and Montenegrin sport in general. It is obvious that now that it was important to wait and hear the decision of the court and maintain status quo by than, no matter how deep was disagreement within the Association since before the European competition important thing was to preserve unity within the national team and send only one and afterwards to resolve problematic issues here, which was ground attitude of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee.

It is inacceptable and illegal to have two presidents, two seals, two coaches and two teams within one Association, and even after warnings of the European Judo Union (EJU) that they will accept solely one national team.

Therefore, there was only one flag, one national team, one state but different seals and dispute because of them, so until the end there was a chance, when EJU after the request from the Montenegrin Olympic Committee offering agreement and representatives from both sides rejected it and in that way became responsible for overall situation, thereof we were notified in written by the European Judo Union on 21. April, just before the draw at 20h, until when was possible to make the agreement by the sides involved in the dispute.
We believe that in this was was misused Srđan Mrvaljević and by that he missed the chance to defend colors of his country. However, as we were informed, Mrvaljević was offered several times to compete at the European Championship in selection of Mr. Kosović, and to be single representative of his country in his category, but he refused.

Montenegrin Olympic Committee could not prevent these evnts, because solely by appearance of two teams it was clear that one of them must come back. MOC is organisation whose activities are based on the MOC Statutes and without any legal jurisdiction to perform inspection or any kind of monitoring. Both Associations were registered with responsible Ministry and Montenegrin Olympic Committee wasasked for opinion but it is clear that associations recognised by their international organizations can participate in competitions even if they are not members of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee.

In order to avoid these and similar situations, it is necessary to speed up draft of the new Law on Sport, to clearly define provisions to regulate this area and authorise competent autority to introduce supervisory measures and temporary management measures because in other Associations exist similar problems, or to transfer jurisdiction of such kind to the Montenegrin Olympic Committee by same or similar provisions.

Also, at the Session was decided that Montenegrin Olympic Committee will define its attitude towards Judo Association only after final and enforceable decision by authorised institution.

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