MOC concluded its official visit to Tokyo

President Dusan Simonovic and the delegation of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, visited the capital of Japan.

On this occasion, the representatives of the MOC held a series of important meetings regarding activities on the Project “Tokyo 2020”, with the aim of providing assistance and support for the best representation of Montenegrin athletes at the Olympic Games next year.

Following the signing of a Memorandum of cooperation with colleagues from the Japanese Olympic Committee, Simonovic also met with the President of the Japan Karatedo Federation, Mr. Takashi Sasagawa, who is also the Honorary President of the World Karate Federation (WKF).

During their conversation, experiences were exchanged considering the long traditions in sports of both countries. President Simonovic expressed his regret for the fact that karate would not be on the list of sports at the Olympic Games after Tokyo, to be held in Paris in 2024, and discussed the the future of karate in the family of Olympic sports with President Sasagawa.

Japanese Karatedo Federation presented its organizational form based on strong regional networks, which include alliances and associations with a long history and tradition, and bring together a wide range of generations, from junior, high school students and students at universities.

After the talks, President Sasagawa presented President Simonovic with a special recognition – the Belt of the Japan Karatedo Federation with his personal signature, explaining that this was not a routine procedure but an honor given on very special occasions.

During the three-day stay in Tokyo, the delegation of MOC had a series of individual meetings with potential donors and sponsors from Japan’s economic life, and introduced itself in a business forum which gathered representatives of several reputable Japanese companies, with the aim of recognizing the possibilities of mutual cooperation, while specific details of joint activities will be agreed in subsequent conversations.

President of MOC had an opportunity to talk to the members of a “Tokyo Bay” Rotary Club at the event which was specifically arranged for our delegation. In Tokyo itself, this global network has nearly 60 individual clubs, which speaks volumes about how charity is cultivated in Japanese culture, which promotes understanding, goodwill and peace.

A visit to a company “Sankyu”, with over 30,000 employees, has generated extraordinary impressions due to a special employment program for the persons with physical and mental disabilities, many of whom are involved in Special Olympics activities.

The Montenegrin delegation also presented its plans and activities for the Olympic Games to the “Society of Friends Japan – Montenegro”, which will certainly be a great support to our Olympic delegation in the following period.

On the other hand, Montenegrin national team will have strong support at the Olympic Games next year from the students of the fourth and fifth grades of “Koto-ku” Primary School in Tokyo. Within the project called “Friends 2020”, the Montenegrin Olympic Committee held two presentations at this school, which described our country, its culture and sport.

The visit of the MOC delegation in Japan ended with a meeting with the Organizing Committee of the Tokyo 2020 Games, regarding the location of our athletes and guests during the upcoming Summer Olympics, which will be held in Tokyo for only the second time in history of the Olympic Games.

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