Marija Vuković won gold medal in the high jump at World Junior Championship in Canada

Montenegrin signature at planetary level – Marija Vuković is new world champion in junior competition! Our athlete won gold medal at the World Junior Championship in Moncton Canada, in high jump.

Magic pole was on 1,91 cm and it was jumped over at the second attempt, and that jump was new Montenegrin record, only one centimeter below Olympic norm.

"Right now, I’m shocked," she said. "I can’t believe that I jumped 1.91m and I’m first in the world. I can’t believe it. I’m very proud. To have a Montenegrin record, it’s good – said new World champion.

Vuković jumped 1,73, 1,78, 1,82 and 1,89 at first attempt, and at second 1,86 and 1,91 meter. Vukovic made three tries at 1.94m, but was unable to better that height
Her personal best was 1,89.

Silver medal went to Lithuanian Airin Palsyte (1.89), and third was Italian Elena Vallortikara who jumped same height.

This result is one of greatest successes in the history of Montenegrin sport. Even though it is junior competition, only few athletes from our country managed to reach world heights. So, way to go Marija!

Second representative of our country at the World Junior Championship, Danijel Furtula competing in discus was last 12th placed in the finals. At qualifying round, he threw 57m and 71cm and set new Montenegrin junior record.

Congratulations from Simonović

President of Montenegrin Olympic Committee, Dušan Simonović, congratulated Marija Vuković for winning the gold medal at the World Junior Championship.

– Success of Marija Vuković is result of hard and planned work of the Athletic Federation of Montenegro and pointer of future work with young talents. She is best example of our desire to count on young athletes willing to prove and represent their country in best possible way. We will know to appreciate this result which is only one centimeter below the Olympic norm – said Simonović.

Simonović said the MOC, after request from the Athletic Federation of Montenegro proposed je Vuković for the Olympic scholarship until the Olympic Games in London.

– We expect her to represent us in best possible way in London. We congratulate Marija Vuković and Athletic Federation of Montenegro for successful work. It is one more proof that with less you can achieve good results when you work in the right way.
He also congratulated the president of Athletic Federation of Montenegro Milorad Vuletić.

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