It couldn’t be more beautiful


It couldn’t be more beautiful

French baron also know as "the father" of modern Olympic Games, Pier de Cubertain, at the end of 19th century said something that was later considered to be one of the principle „rules” of sport „it is important to participate". Even today many athletes, both professionals and amateurs, use this phrase.

With those precise words and without big euphoria Bojan Kosić was sent to Vancouver to historical competition for our country. Historical, out of familiar reasons, Bojan is firts Montenegrin athlete at the Winter Olympic Games. Curtain is slowly dropping down at the biggest sport event, full with snow and ice, and impressions are retelling.

As for our competitor, impressions are rather positive. Especially after slalom race where young skier from Nikšić finished 41. How did the slalom race, his favourite and main discipline looked like from his point of view?

– I am satisfied with the way I drove the race and with the placement. Everything went according to plan and I think that 41. position is good result for a debut. Before my trip to Vancouver I said that slalom is my main discipline and that I expect better result there, and I believe I fulfilled my promises – said Bojan Kosić for ARENA..

It was fog on the part of Whistler path. This bad weather caused lots trouble to all competitors including Bojan. Still, the fog was mercifl to Montenegrin skier – That’s right – says Kosić. – There was a fog in one part of the path. I made a little mistake there and I almost slipped off the path. It wasn’t so bad after all.

We’ll come back to „historical act”. To be the firts representative in the history of one country at the Olympic Games is dream of every athlete. Bojan already achieved this at the age of nineteen.

– It is great feeling to be the first representative of Montenegro at the Winter Olympic Games. Only by participation at these Games I fulfilled the goal. In general, I am satisfied with my stay in Vancouver.

One sport but also a life race was driven. And it is only the beginning. There will be more of those at these big events.

– I am really happy. After this participation, every other competition in the future will be easier. And I also believe there will be better results – Bojan looks with optimism at future challenges.

Montenegrin delegation is coming back home tomorrow.

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