Gold medals for Marija Vukovic, volleyball and table tennis players

Golden Marija Vukovic
Marija Vukovic has joined Sladjana Perunovic who celebrated on 10 thousand meters two days ago, by winning a gold medal. She cleared a 180cm mark. 
Luka Rakic has advanced to finals in a 200 meter run, Kristina Dubak has not participated in a qualification 200 meter race because of her injury, and Tomas Djurovic, the disc thrower, has been fourth (48,32).

A new thriumph by the basketball players

 Montenegro   89
 Andorra   69

City sports hall: Viewers: 100. Judges: Herbetson, Hjartarson and Gardarson. Results by quarters: 28:19, 20:18, 25:12, 16:20.
MONTENEGRO: Pavličević 5, Dašić 13, Šehović 9, Žižić, Vranješ 10, Sekulić 7, Đukanović 11, P. Popović 8, Milošević 6, Spasojević 9, Vujošević 2, A. Popović 9
ANDORRA: Kabza 5, De Los Godo 4, S. Rodrigez 1, Barufet 17, Fernandez, De Oliveira, Riera 5, Ruz 8, D. Rodrigez 8, Salto 3, Morila 12, Roj 6.

Volleyball players secured their gold

 Montenegro   3
 Iceland   0

City sports hall, Viewers: 500. Judges: Lemanšs and Dojtert. Results by set: 25:13, 25:13, 25:18
MONTENEGRO: Bokan, Otašević, Perović, Cvijović, Vojvodić, Cenović, Hadžisalihović, Džković, Peruničić, Milović, Bojović, Sandić.
ICELAND: Gomzina, Vigfusdotir, Eiriksdotir, Svavarsdotir, M. Apostolova, Gunarsdotir, Bjonsdotir, Sigmundotir, K. Apostolova, Eiriksdotir, Gretarsdotir.

Golden medal for Irfan and Luka

Irfan Cekic and Luka Bakic have won a gold medal in double matches in table tennis. Prior to this, they were more successful than Iceland – 3:0 and Luxembourg 3:2, Cyprus in semi-finals (3:0), and again Luxembourg in the finals – 3:1.

Neda Milacic Bogdanovic and Sonja Jankovic have won the second bronze medal. They were better than Iceland (3:0), but lost against Monaco (3:0) and Luxembourg in the semi-finals (3:0). 

Danka in the finals, Ljubo in semi-finals

Benjamin Balleret, the highest ranked tennis player on this competition (341st) has lost to our Ljubomir Celebic with a result 2:1 (7:6, 2:6, 6:4). Celebic will be playing against Ugo Lukas in the semifinals today.
Danka Kovinic had no problems beating the Cyprus player Raluca Serban by 2:0. She will be playing against Von Deichman from Lichtenstein, in the finals.

Defeated in a mixed double

Danka Kovinic and Ljubomir Celebic have been defeated by Scheidweiler and Schaul from Luxembourg by 2:1 (3:6, 7:5, 10:7), even though their first set was promising victory.


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