Gold for Sladjana Perunovic, bronze for Ljiljana Matovic. Triumph by volleyball and basketball teams

Golden Sladjana Perunovic

Sladjana Perunovic has won a gold medal for Montenegrin national team on the annual Games of the Small States of Europe, which are being held in Iceland. The athlete from Niksic has run 10.000 meters in 36 minutes, 58 seconds and 48 hundreds of a second.

Ljiljana Matovic has won a bronze in long jump (5 meters and 60 centimeters), while Tomas Djurovic was last in bowler's competition with a result of 16,93 m.

Luka Rakic has taken sixth place on a 100 meter run (10.89).

Kristina Dubak has managed to pass the qualifications for a 100 meter run, but gave up in the final race because of the injury (she ran for 30 meters).


Volleyball (women)

 San Marino   0
 Montenegro   3

City sports hall – Viewers: 100. Judges: Arš Gungman and Mart. Results by set: 17:25, 21:25,  14:25

SAN MARINO: Bakioči, Barduki, Benvenuti, Đardi, Magaloti, Mikioli, K. Parenti, E. Pareti, Piskalia, Ridolfi, Štimac.

MONTENEGRO: Bokan, Otašević, Perović, Cvijović, Vojvodić, Cenović, Hadžisalihović, Džaković, Peruničić, Milović, Bojović, Sandić.


Basketball players took an easy victory

 Luxembourg   58
 Montenegro   85

City sports hall. Viewers: 100. Judges: Herbetson, Baset, Viola. Results by quarters:18:24, 14:21, 19:19, 7:21.

LUXEMBOURG: Šumahr 15, Koster 10, Birenbaum 3, Stepens 2, Džons 11, Arbaut 4, Melker, Rodenburg, Pikard, Miler 11, Koh 2, Vujakić.

MONTENEGRO: Pavličević 9, Dašić 9, Šehović 11, Žižić, Vranješ 19, Sekulić 12, Đukanović 3, P. Popović 6, Milošević 6, Spasojević 4, Vujošvić 2, A. Popović 7.


Ksenija left out of finals

Ksenija Milutinovic will compete today in her last swimming discipline – 100 meters backstroke, as she did not make it through the qualifying yesterday (100 meters freestyle). Young Montenegrin swimmer has managed to clear this section in 1 minute, 1 second and 14 hundreds.


Table tennis players in semi-finals

Irfan Cekic and Luka Bakic, as well as Neda Milacic Bogdanovic have moved into semi-finals. Men will be playing against Luxembourg, while women will try their luck against Monaco.


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