General-Secretary of CONI visited the MOC

The General-Secretary of the National Olympic Committee of Italy (CONI) Raffaele Pagnozzi paid a visit today to Montenegrin Olympic Committee, where he met with President Dusan Simonovic.


The meeting was also attended by Tičić Aleksander, Director of Youth and Sports, and Michele Barbone , a member of the CONI, who spent three decades working to foster sporting ties between the Italian region of Puglia and Montenegro, and they discussed about improving the relations and traditional cooperation in sports between the two countries.

Mr. Pagnozzi, who is also the General Secretary of the EOC, first conveyed greetings from European Olympic home to President Simonovic for winning the first Olympic medal in Montenegro, emphasizing this as a recognition of successful and dedicated work of our five-year old Olympic organization.

Delegation of CONI spoke with the hosts about joint projects and activities, based on the previously signed memorandum of cooperation. Closer cooperation was arranged primarily in the area of ​​staff training in the sport, through a network of sports-education institutions of CONI in Rome and other Italian centers, and the first activities are planned for the beginning of next year.


President Simonovic presented the obligations that are expected in the future to Mr. Pagnozzi,  thanked for their support and said that this visit is an important confirmation that the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, although the youngest member of the Olympic family, has been recognized as a serious and reliable partner.

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