Games of the Small States of Europe

Second gold medal for Slađana Perunović

Montenegrin athlete Slađana Perunović , ran 5.000 meters long lane in 17:39,70. Winner of the second place was Lisa Bezzina (17:48,70), and third Pascale Schmoetten (17:48,90).

Perunović almost quit the race because she wasn’t feeling well. – I decided to speed up at the beginning and when I created the distance, knowing that I can’t break my own record, I slowed down since I didn’t wanted to push myself at this weather said Perunović.

Coach Musić thinks that our athlete already has record in her feet, and that she might be lucky in Iceland.

Danilo Ristić didn’t get any medal in discus. Length 16 meters and 11 centimeters was not enough to threaten third placed Bob Bertemes (16,75), and it was still far from second placed Georgiosa Arsestis (17,80) and the gold medal winner from Iceland Odin Thorsteinson (19,73).


Golden volleyball players

Montenegro – Iceland 3:0

Visitors: 100. Referees: Wolf (Switzerland) and Schuman (Lichtenstein). Result in sets: 25:16, 25:15, 25:14
MONTENEGRO: Minić Bojić, Ćuk, Strugar, Rašović, Dukić, Dabović, Radunović, Milivojević, Šuljagić, Ječmenica, Ćulafić.
ICELAND: Fanar, Oliheimer, Emil, Filip, Ali, Ingo, Hilmar, Aleks, Kristijan, Hafstein, Itor.

Best for last – Montenegrin volleyball national team won gold medal at the Games of the Small States of Europe. Our team defeated Iceland in their last match, leaving behind Cyprus (only team that won set against the “reds”) and third placed Luxembourg !

Irfan Čekić won silver medal in single competition

In the finals of the table tennis tournament, our player Irfan Čekić, lost from Traian Ciociu from Luxembourg 3:0 in sets who is 32 years older than him!

Source "Arena"

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