Games of the Small States of Europe


New medal for table tennis players

Silver medal for Danilo Ristić

In sixth, last series, Danilo Ristić managed to win silver medal in discus. He threw 45.98, more than third placed player from Davidson Orna (45.67) wile golden medal went to Parelis Apostolos who was absolutely superior to other competitors (59.73)

-I am not satisfied by the result, but in second attempt I managed to win second place which is good result for me and the team. I am not close to my personal best, to be honest I thought I would throw farther but not close to the record. Finally, all went well. Today I have new obligation, shot put, competition will be tougher I would be satisfied with bronze medal– said Ristić.

Irfan Čekić in the semi finals

Selector Dijana Zonjić watched the quarter finals match of the Montenegrin double in table tennis Irfan Čekić and Luka Bakić, from the audience. She wished them luch, and at the Čekić managed to go to the semi finals by winning his colleague from the national team, Bakić by 3:1 in sets.

Our young players will meet player from Cyprus, Jane Marius in the semi finals, who was more successful at the beginning in team competition (3:1).

Bakić didn’t disappoint, though. In group phase he was more successful than Gerard Simon and until the quarter finals against Čekić he managed to win three times.
Sunčica Rogić was stopped in the quarter finals, and in team competition she won twice and lost one match.

Gold is very close

Montenegro-Luxembourg 3:0

Visitors: 100. Referees: Wolf (Switzerland) and Schurman (Lichtenstein). Result in sets: 25:21,25:16,25:13.

MONTENEGRO: Minić Bojić, Ćuk, Strugar, Rašović, Dukić, Dabović, Radunović, Milivojević, Šuljagić, Ječmenica, Ćulafić.

LUXEMBOURG: Nizard, Bras,Vosalho, Konig,De Kastro, Lenz, Luks, Stutz, Angelsberg, Belhauci, Jungers, Husi.

Montenegrin team made important step towards winning a gold medal at the Games of the Small States of Europe by winning Luxembourg 3:0, until yesterday the only undefeated team in the group.



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