Furtula 38th in qualifying

Our young athlete Danijel Furtula took 38th place in qualifying in the discus throw, by a shot of 57.48 meters, which is nearly six meters less than his best results, that won him the Olympic norm.

That was the only successful shot of 20-year-old from Mojkovac, who made an error in his second and third attempts when he made a distance of over 60 meters.

– I'm happy, even though I was far from the best results and my current possibilities. However, the stage fright was bad, I was "tight", and when I finally relaxed I made an error. This is only my second major tournament, I learned another important lesson. Moving on, we're getting ready for the next competition, I believe that in the years ahead I will make progress – said Furtula, who was the youngest participant in the Games in all the throwing events (disk, ball, javelin, hammer throw).

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