Football national team won fourth place


Football national team won fourth place

Pioneer national team of Montenegro finished participation at the junior Olympic Games in Singapore with defeat. In the match for bronze medal, our selection lost from the host Singapore by 4:1.

At the full stadium, Singapore selection led in sixth minute. In 14th minute, after the free kick, Jovan Baošić evened the score when he scored with his head.

At the beginning of the second half, Singapore led again and in 57th minute, from the penalty spot, Singapore by 3:1.

In 65th minute, national team of the host of the Youth Olympic Games scored another goal for the final 4:1.

Montenegro: Kordić, Vico (Nedović), Marković, Baošić (Grbović), Čađenović, Kaluđerović, Vukićević, Kosović, Vušurović, Lopičić (Boljević), Lalošević.

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