First electoral assembly of The Montenegrin Olympians Club

Andrija Popović President

First electoral assembly of The Montenegrin Olympians Club

Winner of the gold medak, Andrija Popović was elected today for the President of the Motenegrin Olympians Club, at its first electoral assembly held in Cetinje. The Montenegrin Olympians Club is association of Montenegrin sthletes, participants of the Olympic Games, winners of Olympic medals, head coaches and selectors of Montenegrin Olympic teams, as well as referees who participated at the Games too.

Assembly was held in accordance with the decision of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee’s Assembly and the Initiative Bpard for creation of the club. For the President of the club was elected well known volleyball player Igor Vušurović, while for the members of the Executive Board were elected Zorica Pavićević, Svetlana Mugoša Antić, Ljuljana Mugoša Vučević, Mirko Vičević and Veljko Uskoković.

At the Assembly was adopted the Statute of this club. “All members of the Initiative Board and winners of gold Olympic medals, including Veljko Uskoković who had an honor of carryning Montenegrin flag at the Olympic Games, were elected for the Executive Board were elected” siad Popović. He also said that, according to their positions, members of the Executive Board are presiddent and vice-president of the Club. Supervising Board was also elected, and its members are vice president of MOC Zorica Kovačević, vice governor of the Central Bank, Miloica Dakić and longtime athlete worker Branko Jovanović. “According to criteria of the adopted Statute, Montenegro has about 70 Olympians, 20 medal winners, including six gold. For such a small country it is almost unreal fact”, said Popović. He expects that the Club will have great authority and that it will be actively involved in creation and implementation of sport politics for development and improvement of Montenegrin sport. "This club will be member of MOC but it will be independent in its functioning. Basic goals of the Club are active participation in creation of strategy and implementation of sport politics for development and improvement of our sport, as well as support, spreading and implementation of the principles proscribed by the Olympic Charter of the International Olympic Committee ", said Popović. He stated that their aim is to become members of the International Sociaty of Olympic Historians. Assembly of the Club supported first mMontenegrin athlete who participated at the Winter Olympic Games, Bojan Kosić. “He won the biggest fight of his life. We are waiting for him to join us in the Club, and in his sport arena”, said Popović.

The Assembly supportes all Montengrin athletes who participate at sport events at the moment and congratulated women basketball team for great matches at the European Championship in Poland. They also congratulated waterpolo team for the fifth position at the final tournament of the World League,and football players for excellent matches in the qualifying round.

“Club wished for success to all Montenegrin athletes in qualifications for the Olympic Games in London. Placement itself from such a small sports country would be great acomplishment. Montenegro is one world spor miracle, and athletes showed once again that sport is our best export product”, said Popović.

Assembly was addressed by the President of MOC Dušan Simonović and Deputy Mayor of Cetinje, Ana Nikolić. The Club will have four delegates in MOC Assembly and that decision will be verified at the next Assembly of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee on 7th July.

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