EYOF is closing today


EYOF is closing today

Today in Belgrade will be held closing ceremnoy of the EYOF, European Youth Olympic Festival. On this fifthe, the last competing day, are held competitions in 10 out of 11sports represented on EYOF. Only cyclists have finished their competition yesterday.

As for Montenegrin athletes, we can't praise them for their performance. Judist Suad Šabanović (to 73 kg) was defeated yesterday by Turkish representative, Tanju Sorlija, current European champion. Our javelin thrower, Slavica Leković, placed on 21. position. Swimmer Katarina Đorđević competed yesterday in 100 m brest stroke.
Today will compete judist Damir Maršić (category to 90 kg) and swimmer Milica Marković (200 m medley swimming).

Obviously we couldn't hope for more knowing that we had only one month of preparations. But, if this excuse is quite cogent, outbreak of Montenegrin youth athletes is, however, just „survey“ of situation in Montenegrin individual sports.
The President and the Secretary General of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee Dušan Simonović and Đorđije Kustudić are also in Belgrade. Yesterady, they had an honour to deliver medals in some disciplines.

Since sport results were not our stronger side, we will say something about the atmosphere in the Olympic Village, hosting around 3.200 youngsters from Europe.

For the first time in the history of the Student Town, students were emigrated for the needs of the EYOF. In order to host participants, famous „Studenjak” was readopted for the last month, month and a half, and students will return after the end of the festival.
Rooms have been painted, and most of the repairs were done in the second and the third pavilions.

Bathrooms have been fixed there, and around 1.500 beds, furniture was repaired, lights and entrance halls.

Part of the lanes have been paved and put some mini fountains in the Olympic Village. Press centre was located in the Culture House Student Town, and food (whichwas one of the weak points of the festival) was prepared in the student restaurant.

As we've been told, students were really patient and understanding, even though renovation of the Campus started in the middle of the exam term.

Among 1.200 volunteers, who helped during the EYOF, most of them are student of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, of the „Braća Karić” University.
All volunteers have been through adequate training, depending on where they would be helping, on the arena, in the Olympic Village, Press Centre or Protocole.

Amicability of assistant staff, for sure is one of the stroner points of this Festival.

It is very lively within the Campus. After dinner it becomes even more lively.

Social programes are held under the name „Belgrade Fun“.

Youth Olympians can have fun on rock concerts, trumpet orchestras and DJ's.

Several tents were placed on the square, among which two were cultural. In one professional make-up artist was prettying up interested, and painters were making portraits of athletes.
The ones who didn't win medals in arenas, could make medals they wish to have in specil creative workshop, and give it to whom they wish. In the second tent dancing school and pantomime school was organised (pantomimics are just performing their programe in front of the Press Centre)

Rogge on delta

Yesterday afternoon on delta was organised action of planting of the Peace Park – one athlete from each of present nations on the EYOF (48 in total, since Moanco didn't have its representatives), has planted one sycamore tree. For Montenegro, athlete from Bijelo Polje, Jovana Kljajević has planted the tree. Two buses with athletes and their companions have left the Olympic Village and headed to the delta where marked trees have been waiting for them. Whole ceremony lasted around half an hour, and its climax was walk of Mr. Jacques Rogge, the President of the International Olympic Committee down the path where the trees have been planted. Passing us by, and noting that we are taking a picture of him, he waived greeting us.

Our trip to the delta will be remembered for the cheer intercourse with representatives from San Marino, who came here with three athletes. When we told them that in the future we'll be meeting often on the competitions of small European countries, and that we will be favours in some sports, young athlete just said: „Ouch, that's not good.“

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