Cooperation between MOC and UNDP

Permanent representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Aleksandar Avanesov, President of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee (MOC) Dušan Simonović and author of “Gem set peace” program, Marko Begović signed agreement on cooperation with aim to celebrate international peace day, 21.September.

Program is focused on three areas – youth education, especially children from marginalized groups through sport, affirmation of gender equality in sport and sport and environment protection.
Author of the program said that for this year is planned study on representation of women in Montenegrin sport, both of athletes and in managerial structures, as well as organization of sport-educational camps for children from Mladost center from Bijela, children from marginalized families and RAE population.

Begović stressed that under patronage of local tourist organization Mojkovac was planned organization of Noder Challenge triathlon, paintball and Fishing Cup, as well as Eco races with humanitarian character. He précised that this races will be organized under motto Test your humaneness – run for Mladost.

“Crown of the project will be celebration of international peace day, 21st September, and within will be organized exhibitioner tennis tournament where will participate representatives from the Government, state institutions, diplomatic body and children from marginalized groups”, said Begović at the press conference.

President of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, Dušan Simonović said that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the United Nations cooperate in different areas, and said that those are two biggest global ideas.

“Financially, this project was supported by IOC with 40 thousand USD which will be enough to start all the activities we plan to realize until the deadline”, said Simonović and stressed that the project contains everything that represents Olympic values and IOC principles.

“This is only the beginning of our cooperation and I believe that, through this project, we will start good cooperation on the local level related to IOC and UN program ", said Simonović.

Avanesov said that all UN agencies, especially those present in Montenegro, pay great attention to participation of young people in sport stressing that through sport they promote general values of the society.

He reminded that many famous world athletes are named for Good Will Ambassadors of different UN agencies – UNICEF, UNHCR and UNDP.

"I hope that in the near future we will give this Ambassador title to some Montenegrin athlete. We are witnesses that sport is very important in Montenegro, and in the streets we can see children practicing sport proving that you are one healthy nation", said Avanesov.

According to his words this project is only concrete step toward solving sensitive issues.

"I am assured that Government officials will support us and participate in the event on 21st September, international peace day. We hope that this project will contribute to global campaign on development and progress in Montenegro", said Avanesov.

In 1981, UN setup international peace day but as a holiday it was officially introduced in 2002.

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