Condolences from MOC


Condolences from MOC

Anent plane crush close to Smolensk in Russia where president of Polish Olympic Committee, Piotr Nurowski died, Montenegrin Olympic Committee expresses their condolences.

– We are deeply shaken by the news about this big tragedy of Polish people, and about the death of president of the Polish Olympic Committee Piotr Nurowski. Nurowski was our sencere friend who did a lot for strenghtening cooperation between Polish and Montenegrin Olympic Committees.

His contribution to development of Polish sport and affirmation of the Olympic Committee as a whole is immeasurable. We express our most sencere condolences to his family, members of the Polish Olympic Committee and Polish athletes – it was written in telegram of MOC signed by the President Dušan Simonović.

Piotr Nurowski was one of Polish high officials in the delegationheaded to commemoration on the occasion of 70 years from the masacre in Katinska forest when Soviet military forces executed several thousand of Polish people.

He was president of Polish Olympic Committee since 2005.

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