Commendations of the EOC for the organization of the GSSE

At the Assembly of the European Olympic Committee in Warsaw, Montenegrin Olympic Committee received congratulations for the successful organization of the Games of the Small States of Europe which were held in Montenegro from May 27 to June 1, said the President of MOC Dusan Simonovic.

On this occasion, President Simonovic has presented the final report from these Games, together with the GSSE Director and his Deputy, Igor Vusurovic and Boris Sekulic. The Assembly also featured a multi-minute film from five Montenegrin cities – hosted by athletes from European countries with less than one million inhabitants.

“It was an opportunity to recall once again the phenomenal event that took place in Montenegro, where in the period of seven days we were the center of the world, and not only for the aspect of sport. We had the opportunity to submit a final report, which was a high-quality document we prepared. We again received numerous congratulations and compliments. For this reason we were very happy, and it seems to me that we have managed to convey it all in the right way at the EOC’s Assembly”, said Simonovic.

The EOC Assembly was attended by the International Olympic Committee’s President Thomas Bach, who was a guest of Montenegro during the Games.

“They asked us if we were planning any other activities, for which, I am certain, we will have proper support from the Olympic family. This is something we will analyze, because the Olympic Games are coming very soon and we are focused on that part of the work. After that, we will make our decision concerning any future events”, said Simonovic.

He stressed that the support of the Olympic family is crucial to the MOC.

“We have absolutely received praises from all the important addresses for everything we did, and we see for ourselves that the competition has gone the best way possible. We had the opportunity to compare our work with the works of other similar events held this year under the auspices of the IOC and the EOC. We can tall that we did good”, said the President of MOC.

Simonovic pointed out that the Montenegrin delegation received a round of applause from colleagues and friends from the Olympic family for this initial, successful step in organizing such a high-level competition.

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