Chefs de Mission Seminar for Mediterranean Games “Tarragona 2018”

The Spanish city of Tarragona is scheduled to host the XVIII Mediterranean Games (MG) (, to be held from June 22nd until July 1st 2018, when the Games will be officially closed.

In the period from October 10th to October 14th, a meeting was organized for Chefs de Mission of all members of International Committee of Mediterranean Games (ICMG). At the meeting, the organizers of the Games presented the competition plan and program for accreditation processes, accommodation, administration center, as well as other important information related to the competition. The hosts estimate that 4,000 athletes, who will perform in 33 sports disciplines during the Games, will be watched and cheered for by approximately 150,000 spectators. The competition of 26 countries and their national Olympic Committees at MG 2018 will be closely followed by about 1,000 accredited journalists, and with the assistance of over 3,500 engaged volunteers.

The Mediterranean Games "Tarragona 2018" is organized by the National Olympic Committee with the help of the Government of Spain.


Election Assembly of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games

Tarragona also hosted the ICMG General Assembly where the former President Amar Addadi won a new for-year term by absolute majority. The Assembly also voted the new members of the Executive Board, received the National Olympic Committee of Portugal as its member, and gave a positive report to the presentation of Algeria, the next host of the Mediterranean Games, to be held in Oran in 2021.

On behalf of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, the Seminar for Chefs de Mission and the General Assembly of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games were attended by the MOC's President Dusan Simonovic and Igor Vusurovic.

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