Charity basketball game

The Montenegrin Olympic Committee organized last night in the sports hall of "Slobodan Škerović" high school in Podgorica, charity basketball match between the state and private universities.

And the final result (68:68), and friendly smiles on the field and bleachers, and smiling Davor – all breathed a positive atmosphere of sportiness, and hope that the recovery of judoka who was seriously hurt in 2006.  during a competition. Vukovic has since been confined to a wheelchair, and rehabilitation is long and requires a lot of money.

-Thanks to the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, thank you, first of all, its president Dusan Simonovic for all the support and this beautiful event. Thanks to these wonderful young men, who had time to play this beautiful match – said Davor, a young man with his 22 years who is a true example of a fighter and sportsman with a big heart.

Heroes of the evening were 24 boys divided into "Private" and "State" teams, who played fair, imaginative and dedicated. The "State" had 13 points advantage, with that difference they entered the last quarter and in the finish the "Private" surprised them with zone defense, for an uncertain endgame.

Final 68:68 lead to overtime, but the between the guys from the field remained in the minutes: "The winning team: Davor Vukovic."

Action of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee was only one in a series in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the President Dusan Simonovic said that the example of Davor Vukovic is for sure Olympic.

– Davor won in the struggle for his life, and is now in the new battle for rehabilitation and recovery. He is a young man whose courage and spirit reminiscent of the finest ideals of Olympism, and by organizing this event MOC showed that is with him and it will be in the future. This spring we organized competitions in literary and art works in schools, as well as a quiz on the national television on the Olympic theme, and in a nice way we wanted to celebrate the period before the Olympic Games in London – said Simonovic

Source: Arena

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