Boxing: Draskovic eliminated in the eighth-finals

Bosko Draskovic has been defeated by the German Igor Teziev in the second round of the boxing tournament at the European games.

In judges' opinion, Teziev has won the first two rounds, while Draskovic won the last one, which means his competition in Baku is over.

Draskovic entered this match with an eye injury, which he got in the first round against the Estonian Carlson, and barely received a permit to compete. Despite that, he fought bravely, but it wasn't enough to get him to the quarter-finals.

– I had to be tactical at the beginning, as the wound is still fresh. It broke twice, and because the rule state that the three interventions by the doctor equal to a loss, I had to give everything I got following the second break. If I was completely fit I would have given 100%, but in this situation I have given all I had and lost an equal fight – said Draskovic.

Our second boxing representative Emir Subotic is scheduled for Sunday, for a second round of the tournament where he meets the Irishman Michael O'Reilly.

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