Awards of Montenegrin Olympic Committee for 2008.

On 26. December in Villa Gorica in Podgorica, was held awards ceremony of Montenegrin Olympic Committee where awards were delivered to most successful men and women teams in last year, ass well as to most successful young athletes.

In MOC’s opinion, the best men team was Montenegrin water polo national team, winners of gold medal at European Championship in Malaga and 4th place at Beijing Olympic Games.
Best women team is Montenegrin junior handball national team, placed 8th at World Championship.

According to MOC, most successful young athlete in 2008. is water polo player Filip Klikovac, captain of Montenegrin junior water polo national team, European Champion as well, member of water polo club Jadran CKB from Herceg Novi, while in women competition award went to handball player Radmila Miljanić, member of handball club Budućnost T-Mobile from Podgorica, winner of 8th place at Junior World Championship and current champion of Montenegro.

Senior water polo national team was awarded special award for exceptional sport accomplishment in 2008.

Mirjana Martinović, member of ju jitsu club Budva, winner of first place at the World Championship and judist Marko Radulović, member of judo club Akademik from Nikšić, third place winner at the European Championship, and women kata team KK Budućnost from Podgorica, second place winners at the European Regional Championship in Maribor, were awarded special awards for achieved sport success in 2008.

At the ceremony in Villa Gorica were present lots of guests, including president of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, representatives of public, sport and cultural life of Montenegro, and presidents of sport associations and respected sport workers.

Addressing the present, president of Montenegrin Olympic Committee, Dušan Simonović, said:

“Last year was important for Montenegrin sport in many ways. First of all, let me remind you that this is only second year that our athletes compete under colors of their own country. And allow me to add, very successfully. Such status of our sport , in such short period of time, with lots of competitions, implied numerous and serious obligations and higher degree of involvement of all of us who are part of Montenegrin sport story. On the other hand, for all of us and especially for our athletes, this has brought pride and dignity for competing for their own country.

In that sense, we can say that our athletes and sport workers readily responded to this challenge, since our athletes achieved important results in several disciplines at world events, and in some sports very significant enviable results.

From our point of view, Montenegrin Olympic Committee readily expected this period, and in 2008. As well as in previous years, we have done a lot in sense of affirmation and development of Montenegrin sport, and in assisting athletes to prepare in adequate ways for participation at big international sport events.

Moreover, in this year, Montenegrin Olympic Committee continued its consolidation in internal functioning, and by this I mean providing permanent and stabile financial sources, setting up our own functional infrastructure and adequate internal organization.

In that regard, I would like to inform you that we have established good cooperation with the State and with several big companies, with whom we have sponsorship contracts. These contracts, or newly created partnership relations with big companies, are best proof of Montenegrin Olympic Committee’s reputations and its importance for overall Montenegrin sport as well as for affirmation of Montenegrin state.

In that sense, I would like to mention that we have fully comply functioning of Montenegrin Olympic Committee and overall Olympic sport with principles set by the Olympic Charter. Even though being youngest member of the IOC, our Committee was recognized as good organizational whole respected in international sport circles.

This year we have paid special attention to setting up quality international cooperation. First of all by this I mean strengthening already existing communication with Olympic Committees from the region and other Olympic Committees and relevant sport institutions from Europe and all over the World, as well.

This year we have been fully concentrated on preparations, departure and participation of our athletes at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

This has been great honor and great responsibility, as well. For the first time this year our athletes participated under their flag and it has obliged in a way all of us involved in sport to highly devote to preparations and departure and participation at biggest sport event.

I am assured, and such were results of all relevant sport institutions, including the IOC, that Montenegrin Olympic Committee in accordance with its mission and possibilities, gave maximal logistic to our athletes for their participation in Beijing, and it can stand shoulder to shoulder with any other Olympic Committee in the World.

Of course, biggest satisfaction for all our efforts is the fact that all of us have proudly watched our athletes in Beijing, because they represented our county – Montenegro courageously and proudly.

In accordance with all previously mentioned, our ambitions for next year are big and yet realistic. First of all, Montenegrin Olympic Committee will continue to perform its mission, in compliance with principles from the Olympic Charter and to spread the spirit and idea of Olympism in our country. We are aware that our sport potential is great, and we will try to valorize it in adequate way and to push its further development and prosperity.

At the end, allow me to say that we are completely satisfied with the Olympic year, and extremely proud of all results of our athletes from both Olympic and non Olympic sports, and I strongly believe that Montenegrin athletes will continue to proudly represent their country in all forthcoming competitions in following year.”

On behalf of award winners, captain of junior water polo national team, Filip Klikovac, thanked for the awards.

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