A dream come true


A dream come true

History of Montenegrin sport has written another page. It’s not a medal, trophy, winner place, but it is about the day and a moment to be remembered forever.

This is all thanks to Bojan Kosić, Montenegrin skier who competed in grand slalom two days ago. In competition of 103 skiers he was 61, with the time two minutes 58 seconds and three hundredths which was 20 seconds and 20 hundredths less time from the new Olympic champion, Suisse Karl Janka.

– I am satisfied with my performance – says Montenegrin skier competing at WOG – Maybe I could have done better, but all in all it was good. In the first race I made several mistakes while in the second one was much better, which was proved by better placing.

His debut at the biggest sport event was preceded by certain problems regarding health. This is the reason why he couldn’t do better in the race.

– I had certain problems, last three days I had back pain. I still can feel te pain but I believe that everything will be fine. This may have influenced the result, but apart from everything impressions are positive.

In few days, our skier will compete in slalom which is originally his main discipline. About expectations in that race, 19 year old skier from Nikšić says:

– I have no particular expectations. Most important thing is to recover completely. I will give my best, for sure, to finish the race in best possible way, and regarding the placing I really don’t think too much about it. .

Bojan "broke the ice", and it is to expect that on psychological level slalom race should be easier.

– I feel much better now after trying the path in official race. First hand experience in grand slalom means a lot to me so I expect better result in slalom.

At the end, Kosić explained his feeling during the race on Whistler in two sentences

– Best possible. It was a dream come true!
And the dream still lasts…

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