7th September – World Fair Play Day

The International Fair Play Committee (CIFP) has announced, in collaboration with other organizations, the establishment of the World Fair Play Day. From now on, the international day of Fair Play will be celebrated every year on 7th September.

The CIFP was established in 1963 by members of UNESCO, International Sports Press Association (AIPS), ICSSPE, FIFA, FIBA, FILA and the International Rugby Board. This organization has an important educational role to play in supporting fair play, promoting a better understanding of fair play values and preventing adverse behavior.

The CIFP annually awards Fair Play Prizes to personalities who have proved to be excellent ambassadors of fair play, in order to honor and direct attention to acts of fair play performed either within or outside the sports world.

On the occasion of the announcement of the World Fair Play Day, President of the International Fair Play Committee, dr. Jenő Kamuti gave an opening speech, which can be found here.

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