60th Anniversary of the Sanmarinese NOC

On 14 December 2019, President of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, Dusan Simonovic, attended the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the National Olympic Committee of San Marino.

Along with the high state officials, the event brought together a number of personalities from the world of sport and Olympic movement, including the presidents and general secretaries of the Olympic committees from the Games of the Small States of Europe Association. In addition, the member of the IOC and the Executive Committee of the European Olympic Committees Mr. Spiros Kapalos was present, as well as the Chairman of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games, Mr. Amar Adadi.

A special reception for the guests from the Olympic family was hosted by Their Excellencies Mr. Luca Boschi and Mrs. Mariella Mularoni, Captain Regents of San Marino, and held at the Government Palace. On this occasion, a monograph entitled “60 Years of Passion” was presented, which traces the history of the National Olympic Committee of this small Republic with a long tradition.

A gala dinner was held at the Kursal Convention Center where, through an emotional tribute to the past and present great athletes of San Marino, awards were presented to the best, while 2019 was proudly presented as one of the most successful years.

At the Games of the Small States of Europe in Montenegro, the athletes of San Marino won a total of 16 medals, while also winning two at the European Olympic Youth Festival in Baku. Wrestler Myles Nazem Amine won a bronze medal at the European Games “Minsk 2019”, which is the first medal in wrestling for this country and a qualifying spot for the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year.

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