1st European Games Baku 2015 begin tomorrow. Draskovic is the Montenegrin flag-bearer

The 1st European Games are starting tomorrow, taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan (at 9pm locally and 6pm in Montenegro).

This competition will gather more than 6,000 athletes from the Old Continent. The program is very assorted – 20 disciplines, of which 16 Olympic ones, with 11 sports giving points or ensuring a direct entry into Rio Games in 2016.

Montenegro will have representatives in 9 sports, for a total of 55 competitors.

"I think we will have plenty to show off, as usual. We do have candidates for medals, as our young water polo players are on the very top among their age group, and I do believe someone else can surprise us as well", said Andrija Popovic, who is a Head of Mission of the Montenegrin team.

Baku is expected to have a fantastic premiere.

"Although it might sound pretentious, but I believe that they surpassed even the Rio Olympic games in some segments. It is good that Azerbaijan is the host for the first Games, because it is obvious that they took the job with pride, that they provided huge amount of resources. The only fear is that they might put the bar too high for the next hosts!" stated Popovic.

The first ones on the floor, on Saturday June 13th, are our bicyclist Demir Mulic and the water polo team which is playing against Greece at 5:30pm (Montenegrin time).

However, the first responsibility is on the shoulders of Bosko Draskovic, a boxer, who will be carrying the Montenegrin flag at the opening ceremony.

"It is a privilege and an honor to carry the national flag on such a big competition. I am flattered and thankful that they entrusted me with it. It is up to me to justify it, in the boxing ring as well. I will give it my best to fulfill my goal, and the goal is always to win a medal", said Draskovic.

Montenegrin athletes will be visited in Saturday morning by the Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic, who wants to wish them luck at the European Games.


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